Fuel Model Classes

established by the Fire Behavior Prediction System (FBPS)

Table 1. lists fuel model classes (FBPS) and a general description of the vegetation types that typically fall into each class. These fuel models are based Hal Anderson's "Aids to Determing Fuel Models for Estimating Fire Behavior" (April 1982) published by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group. Click on each highlighted number for more detailed descriptions.

Table 1
FBPS Description
1 Grass
2 Pine/Grass
3 Tall Grass
4 Tall Chaparral
5 Brush
6 Dormant Brush
7 Rough
8 Hardwood/Lodgepole Pine
9 Mixed Conifer Light
10 Mixed Conifer Medium
11 Light Slash
12 Medium Slash
13 Heavy Slash
14 Plantation/Burned last 15 years
15 Desert
28 Urban
97 Agricultural Lands
98 Water
99 Barren/Rock/Other